Gymnastics Interactive


As children and their parents become involved in the sport of Artistic Gymnastics, one of the most common questions asked is, how is a particular skill supposed to look?  Gymnastics Interactive is designed to be a visual reference, both showing you how a skill is done, and describing it.  It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this regard, Gymnastics Interactive currently contains over 500 photos, both stills, and photo sequences of the 70 most common compulsory skills.
Gymnastics Interactive explains skills and positions through photography and a description.  On every page, you will find a console consisting of three boxes, each with different information.  The first box is your “road map.”  It tells you what skill you are studying, and on what event that skill is performed.  The second box is an image or a series of images that show the skill in perfect clarity.  The third box is a description of the skill itself, with highlights pointing you to important positions and other related skills.  Beneath the console, a list of all of the skills relevant to that event makes it easy for you to compare many similar gymnastics elements.  This is the “Interactive” in Gymnastics Interactive, and essential to understanding the sport.
Use the hyperlinks in the descriptions, and note the consistent phrasing.  Be aware of the similarities in so many of these skills.  Gymnastics Interactive stresses the importance of basic elements and core positions.  These building blocks of gymnastics are the keys that open the doors to greater gymnastics success!

Database Map - this box tells you the EVENT on which the skill is performed, and the name of the skill.  This is the “title” for each individual skill in Gymnastics Interactive.

Photos/Sequence - this box shows the skill, as it should be performed.  Note that some skills are "still," while others are a sequence of photos.  Be sure to give the larger series of photos time to load.  (5 secs).

Skill Description - this box explains the details of “how to” perform the skill.  Note the many cross references to other skills in the Gymnastics Interactive database.  Besides a description of the skill, there are also many cues and tips for proper performance.

Skills List - running across the page, is a list of all of the skills in the database for that event.  Note that many basic positions are included in the Floor list.  From here, you can jump from skill to skill quickly.

Event Bar - at the bottom of the page, you have the ability to select the event you would like to view.  The event that you are viewing will always be highlighted in this event bar.  There is also a link here to the INDEX of the entire list of skills on every event.


To get started:  At the bottom of this page, there is an event bar.  The ONLY active event in the bar is the INDEX.  Click on it, and begin to interact with Gymnastics Interactive!

Gymnastics Interactive is a descriptive set of information about many common skills.  It is NOT meant to be a teaching or coaching aid, nor does it represent the only accepted methods for performing skills.  Before beginning any exercise program, one should always seek the advice and direction of a professional.  Gymnastics Interactive, its agents, owners, and employees are not responsible for any claim resulting from the use of the Gymnastics Interactive.  Please be aware that any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility for injury, and that Gymnastics Interactive does not condone the practice of gymnastics or exercise except under the supervision of a certified professional.


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