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     Scotty Fund Picnic September 6, 2003 

This year’s Scotty Fund picnic was the largest ever, and the excitement around Gymnastics Revolution was huge!  Thousands of visitors came to the Bethel Municipal Center for this worthy cause, and Gymnastics Revolution was there, with equipment for the younger children to play on and practice on, and with demonstrations by the teams.

All Stars, Pre-Team, and the highest-level athletes on the Gym Rev Team were on hand, looking impressive in their new burgundy T-Shirts.  They performed in three different demonstrations, exhibiting their tumbling skills.  The crowds were were impressed with the display.  Many parents came over to the equipment area later on, remarking about how well behaved, professional, and impressive the teams were. 

The athletes are to be commended, they represented themselves, their team, and the sport as perfect professionals, and we can hardly wait for the next public appearance of Gymnastics Revolution!


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