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     Prep Meet September 27, 2003 

Gymnastics Revolution held a “Prep-Meet” for all of its compulsory gymnasts last Saturday.  This “Training Meet” was run exactly as a true competition would be run, except that scoring was handled by the optional gymnasts, rather than official judges. 

 The event was an opportunity for the gymnasts to hone their skills, and experience the pressure of competition again.  For some girls, it has been almost nine months since they were in a competition.

UPCOMING NEWS: October 12th 2003 Gymnastics Revolution will be hosting a USAG Level 4,5 & 6 Meet!

The Level 6 team performed extremely well, attaining Brian’s goals – 4 for 4 on the Balance Beam, and complete bar routines without spots.  The Level 5 team showed that they are not to be trifled with:  although many are new to Gymnastics Revolution, they show a great deal of promise.  The Level 4 team did Allyson proud, with a few unveiled new skills on Saturday night.

The spectators who were present commented that a finer group of athletes would be hard to find:  Focused, determined, and serious were the adjectives most commonly used.  For those who would like to visit such an event, see our Meet Schedule, and be sure to stop in – we are always open to the public for these events. 


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