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Occasionally, situations and events arise that are beyond the control of everyone. When TNT Gymnastics suddenly became unavailable to host a large competition, Gymnastics Revolution stepped in, and ran its biggest competition to date. Gyms that had planned to travel to Guilford had to quickly change plans, and Bethel became the site of this exciting event.

Shoreline, Inflight, TNT Gymnastics, US Academy of Gymnastics, Gymnastics Unlimited, USA Gymnastics, and Farmington Valley Gymnastics all joined the girls from Gymnastics Revolution on April 3, 2004 for a Level 4 – 8 meet.

Judges were excited about the cleanliness of the facility, and coaches were thrilled with the top-quality equipment. Parents enjoyed the generous viewing area and good seating, and the gymnasts, most importantly, had a successful and safe competition.

For the girls of Gymnastics Revolution, competition is becoming a very comfortable environment, and it showed in their scores. The Level 4’s were as solid as ever, led by Megan, who turned in the highest Level 4 All Around of the meet, and 2 scores over 9.3. The Level 5’s were led by Samantha, whose ever-powerful bar routine scored a 9.4. Samantha’s lowest score in this meet was an 8.55, so her 1st place all around finish was not a surprise! Katie’s 1st place finish in Level 6 was cemented by her 9.2 on beam.

Other notables in the meet included Sydney and Cortney, who were both competing for the first time this season. Cortney came up with a 9.1 on both Floor and Beam, and Sydney also scored a 9.1 on Beam.


Samantha B.    35.45

Megan     35.425

Katie       35.4

Cortney   35.25


Samantha B.       Ba  9.4
Samantha M.       V    9.15
Lizzie                   V    9.2
Megan                  V    9.35
Megan                 Be   9.3
Katie                   Be   9.2
Cortney              Be    9.1
Sydney               Be    9.1

Sera, Level 6, has been rising since her first meet at Gym Rev, and between Lizzie, Katie, Jessica, Sydney, and Christine, the Level 6 team looks solid, as they begin to train for their State Meet in June.

Not to be outshined by their teammates, the Level 5 squad looks to impress as well, as Sara, Sam, and Cortney lead their teammates, Alison, Jen, Katie and Brittany to the State Championships.

The Level 4’s continue their tradition of strength and excellence at Gymnastics Revolution, and will certainly impress throughout their season, which ends in May.



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