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The All Stars program recently received a shot in the arm, with the addition of Team Aquila.  Now, three teams would compete for titles, rather than the traditional format, with two teams.  On December 5, 2004, the three teams, Andromeda, Aurora, and Aquila tested one another in a fast paced competition. 

Coached by Dawn, team Aurora started out on the Balance Beam.  They jumped out to an early lead, owing largely to Maggie’s 8.7, and Lisa’s 8.4.  As they moved to Floor, Aurora pulled farther ahead, with a big routine from Emily G.


However, Nicole’s Team Aquila was beginning to set its sights on the lead.  They started out on Bars, and had solid scores, and then moved to Beam, where they had the highest team score of the day for a single event.  With a personal best of 8.75, Sarah led her team, as they prepared to take the lead.  As Aurora moved to vault, where scoring was slightly tougher, Aquila stepped onto the floor, and led by Lauren and Julianne, stormed into the lead.  With three events done, and one  left to go, it was team Aquila leading with 100.15 points, followed closely by team Aurora, with 99.00 points.  

Up until that point, Brian’s Team Andromeda had been quiet.  They had amassed only 96.25 points, and although Angela’s big scores on each event were a high point, they needed help.  In the final rotation, Aurora’s bars were led by Lisa, with an 8.1 and Aquila’s vault was led by Lauren, with an 8.0


Both of those teams were cruising along, and the crowd wondered which would come out ahead.  But in the end, it was team Andromeda, who hit floor routine after floor routine, their lowest score a lofty 8.35.  Andromeda’s members cheered on their teammates, as their scores kept piling up, and they watched their team take the win with 131.675 points, leaving behind Aurora (130.1) and Aquila (130.05)! 


As the All Star competitions become more and more exciting, the coaches are becoming even more motivated.  Who knows what March Magic will bring this year?  Be sure to see these three teams battle it out again in March, only at Gymnastics Revolution!


Last Updated: Thursday, December 16, 2004