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They work harder than most.  They expect more than anyone from themselves.  They donít settle.  And they plan to win.  The Gymnastics Revolution optional girls are a focused, serious, and powerful team, and they came into the Aquafina Team Challenge with something to prove.   

The coaches set a nearly impossible goal at the start of the competition.  Dawn and Brian asked the girls to hit 44 routines over the course of the day.  Thatís 11 gymnasts, 4 events each, perfection.  Even the coaches were surprised at how close to that goal the girls came.  40 out of 44, with the top All around scores in every single age division they competed in.  31 scores of 9.0 or better.  The level 7 team trophy, and a huge help toward the ultimate prize, the Ultra-Team trophy (including gymnasts from all levels.) 



The Level 7ís started the morning session on the balance beam, and had not one fall.  With five scores over 9.25, they moved energetically to the Floor.  Destiny continued her powerful morning with a first place 9.375, wowing the crowd with her strong music, and even stronger tumbling.  Lizzie and Alanna pitched in 9.25ís, and Katieís routine earned her the gold with a 9.35.  On the vault, Destiny once again came up with the power, and scored a meet high 9.7.  Lizzieís 9.5, and Alanna and Meaganís 9.4ís helped the teamís score even further. 

The girls moved to the Bars, and began to turn in more and more big scores.  With only one fall, the Gym Rev team had scores of 9.4, 9.35, 9.2, and a host of other high scores.  They finished the meet, and headed over to the awards ceremony, where they raked in medal after medal.  In fact, of the 10 gold medal possibilities (the girls were split over two age groups), Gym Rev took 8, including the All around in both age divisions.  The team standings showed Gym Revís dominance:  with a 186.025, they were way ahead of the next closest team, who had a 183.3.  The girls had proven once and for all that they knew how to win, and that they had plans much the same for the State Championships!

The Level 8ís are used to winning their fair share of awards, as well, and they continued the successes of the Level 7ís brilliantly.  Starting on Floor, Tia came out of the blocks quickly, with a 9.0, and Mollie followed closely with an 8.9.  Both girls would win the event in their age groups.  Vault gave Tia a little trouble, and she managed only an 8.25.  Mollieís 9.1 would later be good for second place, but neither girl was satisfied.  On the bars, the girls had a flawless warm-up period, and followed it up with 2 outstanding routines.  Tiaís 9.0 would win the meet, and Mollieís 9.5 not only took top honors, but was also the highest score of the day on that event.  On the Beam, the girls had minor wobbles, and Tia had a fall, but scores of 9.325 and 8.55 would still be enough for gold medals for both girls.  Both Tia and Mollie ended up in first place for the All Around, finishing off a day of perfection on the awards stands Ė Gym Rev girls won every single age group they competed in, and made the statement once and for all that they are the best!

Last Updated: Thursday, May 05, 2005