Gymnastics Revolution Level 9 Team Competes At The Rhode Island Invitational December 3,2005.

Gymnastics is a funny sport.  Last year, Gym Rev fielded not a single Level 9 or 10.  This year, Gym Rev has a solid Level 10 in Hope, and 5 Level 9ís who have never worn the burgundy sequins that are Gym Revís signature leotard.  Only Mollie, who has been a fixture at the gym since its opening, has a competitive history at Gym Rev.  Maddie, Nicole, and Alyssa were in the stands for the Rhode Island Invitational, but will soon join Rachel, Alex, Hope, and Mollie as they strive toward greatness.


The Rhode Island Invitational was a good opportunity for the girls to get their feet wet again in competition.  Mollie has recently moved up a level, Alex hasnít competed in 2 years, Hope just moved to Level 10, and Rachel is putting together new routines as a new member of the team.  So when Mollie came in 2nd All Around, and Alex and Rachel took third and sixth, everyone was surprised. 



Photography by: Philip Morton

And there were more surprises.  Both Alex and Mollie turned in scores over an 8.7 on Beam, yet both had falls, which means that we can expect them to be very good on that event this year!  Rachel was competing a bar routine that was really just a substitute for the routine that she will debut at the next meet, so we can expect her to be even better.  And the team took fourth place, in a team competition where every score would count toward their total Ė imagine what they will do when the team is at full strength! 

The Level 9ís and 10ís look as though they are going to be very good this year, and we canít wait to see this team operate on all cylinders.  Good luck, girls!

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